Hon. Clement Kofi Humado

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I, Hon. Clement Kofi Humado was born on 18th December, 1953 to Mr. John Kobla Humado (deceased) and Mrs. Grace Abla Humado (alive), both Ghanaians from Alakple in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana.


I started my political career in the year 1996 as a member of the HO Fiave branch of the NDC and later transferred in the year 2000 the Alakple Branch in Anlo Constituency as a full member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party.


My main political ambition is to become a leading politician and Member of Parliament and to use my experience to develop my constituency and nation through contributing to good legislation and oversight over the executive, ensuring accountability and transparency at district assembly and national executive levels.


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Message to Constituents

Dear Visitors, you are welcome to the Anlo Constituency Website www.anloconstituency.org  which offers constituents both home and abroad as well as interested stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about developmental needs, ongoing projects and political activities in the constituency.


The website also gives visitors the opportunity to share ideas with the Member of Parliament in an interactive manner and to be informed on key National Policies, Laws and Legislative Instruments passed in Parliament that has direct implication on the livelihood and well being of our people.


It is my joy and pride that this website will increase the space for our mutual interaction and improve our collective efforts for the development of Anlo constituency. I therefore welcome all of you to this innovative website and hope that you will enjoy working with me. “Miawoe gbor na dor worge”.


Yours truly

Hon. Clement Kofi HUMADO

Member of Parliament for Anlo Constituency

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